Tom Helps Working Families Succeed


- Tom is an independent solution driven thinker with 24 years of private sector and not for profit volunteer work experience in Elkhart.

- Tom is a public servant who is fiscally conservative, socially accepting and unaffected by special interests. 

- Tom has years of government service experience.  He has worked for City, County and State governments and as a Federal contractor helping agencies increase technological efficiency and save tax dollars.

- Tom wants to create more affordable housing.  He is committed to broadening the nearly exclusive downtown development focus and ending the subsidies to wealthy outside apartment rental developers. 

- Tom is committed to reopening The Tolson Center,  developing child care, Municipal Drug Court and providing safe neighborhoods.

Elkhart downtown needs more than Infrastructure.

Local Economies First

- Tom has volunteered with ASSETS of Elkhart County to help local entrepreneurs write better business plans. 

- Tom has been trained by The Business Alliance for Local Leading Economies and graduated from Elkhart Chamber's Leadership Academy.  

- Tom is committed to sustainable job growth, living wages, diversifying our economy and fulfilling The Horizon Project's vision.


Join Our People Driven Campaign

- Tom's campaign unifies to reach the goals of an increasingly vibrant and prosperous future for all residents of Elkhart.

-  Our campaign only accept grass roots small donations (>$100 from individuals) and is partially self funded. 

- We all win together when you help us by volunteering at our headquarters or helping Tom go door to door to every neighborhood in Elkhart to listen to everyone's ideas from March through Election day.

-  Finally help us with the last step and join us at the polls to vote for Thomas Butler for Elkhart Common Council At Large by November 5th.